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Eagle Aluminum cast Products, Inc. is an aluminum casting foundry that offers more than just castings. We have technology, experience, and the capability to take your project from concept to completion— including patternmaking, casting, and finishing. Our quality machine shop allows us the opportunity to provide you with a machined and assembled casting faster than the competition. Our trusted subcontractors can provide additional finishing operations to your parts. a full complement of options are offered, including anodizing, burnishing, polishing, and painting.

Eagle Aluminum Cast Products, Inc. offers quality aluminum sand and permanent mold castings. The permanent mold process offers a good surface finish and reduced machining at a lower cost. Permanent mold castings from less than one pound up to 20 pounds and a 50" diameter are currently produced.

Our sand molding facility offers mold capacity up to 30" x 80". We can work with our engineers to determine which combination is best suited for your application. We also produce patterns and mold a unique line of paint support castings for the automotive industry.

The markets we currently serve are the Agricultural, Fluid Handling, Material Handling, Office Furniture, transportation, Marine, Automotive, and Large Truck OEM.

When your program needs a quality aluminum sand or permanent mold casting, it’s time to call Eagle Aluminum Cast Products, Inc. we at Eagle Aluminum Cast Products, Inc. would welcome the opportunity to become your aluminum sand or permanent mold casting/pattern supplier.

For more information or literature detailing our operations, please e-mail our sales department, Seth Adkins. He and the rest of our experienced staff are eager to help you solve your aluminum casting problems.

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