Eagle Alloy

The Eagle Difference

old pic black and white EAIEagle Alloy, Inc. was founded in 1979 by Mark Fazakerley and Wayne Jarvis to meet the needs of customers looking for a short-run steel and stainless steel foundry. Shortly thereafter, John Workman joined to help grow the business. The three struck a rare and very successful cord as they built Eagle Alloy into a medium to high production steel foundry that aggressively competes globally and is considered to be one of the finest overall steel foundries in the country.

In 1991 they saw an opportunity to venture into the Investment casting market and founded Eagle Precision Cast Parts, Inc. Eagle Precision is also enjoying tremendous growth with sales increasing an average of 10-25% year to year. Eagle Precision’s versatility and responsiveness continue to appeal to those looking for the finest investment castings in the shortest period of time.

In 1999 it was decided that the demand by customers for completely machined product was strong enough to invest in a full-service machining facility. Thus Eagle CNC Technologies was born. After merging this business unit with a well-established, ultra-modern machining provider in 2007, ECT has played a strong part in the growth of the Eagle Group by providing the quality service and workmanship needed to develop a truly satisfied customer base.

Wayne has since retired but stays active with metallurgical projects.

Another opportunity arose in 2002 that allowed Mark and John to purchase an existing aluminum foundry that had the ability to build patterns. A new facility was built to house the permanent mold portion of Eagle Aluminum Cast Products, Inc. The greensand portion of the foundry is located in downtown Muskegon and caters mainly to the automotive, paint-support industry.

Known as The Eagle Group, together we are one of the largest private employers in the greater Muskegon area and we welcome the opportunity to show you around.


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