Eagle Alloy


LaserScannerWe utilize both traditional measurement equipment such as micrometers, height gages, calipers, depth gages, etc., as well as, state of the art CMM and laser scanning to check both samples and productions parts.  We use specifically designed go/no-go gages to confirm dimensional requirements on critical features and dimensions on production parts.  For Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) requirements, we utilize local outsource shops that specialize in CMM programming and reports.  We also utilize a high resolution Creaform Exascan 3-Dimensional laser scanner to measure and confirm product dimensions on first articles to within +/-0.0008″. The scanner can also be utilized if trouble-shooting or reverse-engineering assistance is required. Utilizing Geomagic Verify with the scan data allows us to conduct inspection of critical features, and also allows us to directly compare all of a parts casting features to the original solid model design to easily identify inconsistencies in the final product that may be detrimental to the product’s application.  We can also share scan files with our sister machine shop and customers for analysis.