Eagle Alloy


We are committed to working with our customers to provide them with a high value part that performs consistently and exceeds expectations.  We evaluate part design for the most effective casting design that will allow us to utilize the unique capabilities of the shell mold process to deliver the best casting consistently on time.  Our rigorous Advanced Quality Planning (AQP) process, with its “you can’t fool physics” approach, requires us to look at the processing and use of the end product to insure that potential issues are identified and resolved before tooling is even started.  We evaluate all metallurgical, testing, dimensional, etc. requirements for parts to insure all aspects are covered.  Concurrently utilizing our 3D CAD and MAGMA solidification software, we are able to provide design change proposals, if needed, to the customer to maximize the part value and insure we get the part right the first time.  We also coordinate with the machining to insure that the casting, when processed, will perform correctly.  Initial samples are run on production equipment with production personnel providing input and analysis to insure parts are ready to run after approval.  Our AQP process extends through sampling to MRB review and approval and First Production Run evaluation.

Metal Flow Simulation